An internet obsessed culture, trading a meaningful life for “likes”!

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I was immediately pulled into this original and intriguing story about an internet obsessed culture and how real life, it’s dreams and desires, are sacrificed for social media popularity. The Followers by Megan Angelo gives the reader a glimpse into the future of social media, how it controls the decisions of the celebrities and how it influences its viewers.

This story is written with alternating time lines and switches between New York in 2015 and the future in California, 2051. The story begins in New York City in 2015 and follows two ambitious young women, Orla and Florence. Orla is a struggling novelist who has worked as a blogger for the past six years. Her new roommate Florence (Floss) dreams of being a singer. Despite their best efforts neither woman is close to achieving their goals. One night when Floss confronts Orla about the realities of what it takes to make their dreams come true, “anything and everything”, Floss hatches a plan. That plan will require Orla to become a different person, a person who’s no longer concerned about doing the right thing! As this first impression ends it’s easy to discern that Orla will live to regret this night and the deal she makes with Floss. More importantly, Orla regrets that she didn’t wholeheartedly disagree when Floss said “I think you are like me.”

The year is 2051 and the place is Constellation, California. Marlow, a famous and successful celebrity, is living in a fake world. She lives her life on screen 24/7 where everything she does is closely watched by her 12 million online followers. Her life, daily activities, foods and clothing are determined by her viewers “likes” and comments. Every move she makes is celebrated, scrutinized or criticized! When one of her cast members hastily leaves, Marlow wonders what her life would be like for her if she left, too.

How are these three women in this story connected? What will social media be like in the future and how will it continue to influence lives? What is the Spill? The Followers takes the reader on a journey where people crave human connection in an internet obsessed culture and explains that “some things aren’t meant to be shared”.

This first glimpse into Megan Angelo’s Followers was amazing! The author’s descriptive writing style immediately captured my attention and her hints into the future have me totally intrigued and anxious to read the rest of this book!

The cover is colorful and definitely catches your attention. The title is perfect for a social media obsessed world!