unsure how i feel about this

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I was really excited for this book, because the idea seemed very fun, a semi-dramatic meet cute along with some familial love and puzzles.

The issue i had with it, was that it felt like a lot of telling instead of showing, the story itself was very predictable within the first 10 pages, which i don't mind for most books, but i do when it's so formulaic that it's boring. I've read lots of books that have a predictable storyline, but written in a way that has made me feel connected to the characters, the story itself, the banter, etc. I felt like this one didn't do that and i just wanted the characters to hurry up and move along so we could get to the end. The romantic part left something to be desired, it was more of a footnote than anything.

The magic part was the only part that made me kind of like it. It wasn't super boring to where i wanted to DNF it, but enough where i just felt like it was a one and done. 3/5 ,it was just "okay"