This Was Really Cute

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"On July 7 at precisely 9:01 p.m., a boundless, unforeseen storm claimed one life, two hearts, and six destinies."

This was really cute. While I normally don't read YA romances since they tend to be cheesy, this wasn't that bad. While it did have some cheesy elements I found the story more than made up for it. In a strange way it reminded me a lot of the Disney movie Onward. In this case a granddaughter goes on a quest to save her family's magical blessing with the help of her two sisters and a cute boy in order to make sure her grandmother makes it to the afterlife and doesn't become stuck as a memoryless ghost. The book even says onward as a phrase.

"What's here today isn't always here tomorrow."

I found it really easy to relate to Ava. I'm the same age as her, and dealing with the same struggles that is the void of college applications and the future. I also overthink everything, especially when it comes to the future. Nana was such a sweet woman who was the steadying hand behind Ava and our favorite Saint of Weather, Teeth, and Prisoners' (He is more than just the saint of teeth, guys, and he gets very offended if you don't address his full talents), Meda, offered some much needed comedic relief. I was living for his outfit changes.

Love dares the devil."

This really is just an example of an average YA romance novel, so if your looking for something light with some fluff, then look no further!

"How do you build something genuine when the premise is a big fat lie?"