The perfect mix of magical realism, romance, and family

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Ava Granados always planned to be at her nana’s side when she was on her deathbed, but fate had different plans. Now Ava has missed her nana’s mystical blessing, one that has been passed from generation to generation of women in her family. Ava thinks all is lost until Nana’s ghost appears to her with a message. She must get the blessing back in order or the family’s ability to give blessings will be gone forever.

Told entirely in the third person, Flirting with Fate is a thoroughly charming story. It’s the perfect mix of magical realism, romance, and family.

I loved Ava’s relationship with her two sisters, Vivienne and Carmen. They are so supportive of one another, yet have so much great banter between the three. Nana, who shows up as a ghost, is also quite a hoot. It was so special getting to see Ava get more time with someone who meant so much to her while she was grieving.

This is such a sweet story. I highly recommend it to fans of magical realism and family dramas!

Thank you to Penguin Teen for the review copy! All opinions are my own.