Loving Magical Realism

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Ava misses the blessing from her grandmother's deathbed and will do whatever it takes to sort it out. It's instead been passed on to a random boy. With the help of her sisters, she tracks him down and tries to get it back. Befriending the boy risks more than her carefully curated and sheltered life - her heart is threatened too.
With a little bit of magic and a lot of bit of love (as a family and a little bit of romance), this book was a easy to listen to. The characters lacked a bit of lovability. After this debut, I'm looking forward to read what JC comes up with next. The taste of magic especially was quite fun. I've been loving dabbling in the magical realism genre.
I enjoyed the narration by Victoria Villarreal and would recommend the format. Her voice worked for the MC and was easy to listen to.
Thank you to PRHA for the alc. All thoughts in this review are my own.