I adored this!

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If you are looking for a sweet YA romance, then this is for you.

On her way to say goodbye to her dying grandmother, Ava gets in a fender bender, making her late to receive her blessing. Instead, her blessing is given to someone else! Ava, with the help of her sisters, her nana's ghost, and a long dead saint, has just 4 weeks to get her blessing back!

I absolutely adored this book! First of all, I loved the characters. I think Rion needs to be protected at all costs. He is so sweet and kind. I also love Ava's relationship with her sisters. They are truly there for each other, the way a family should be. AS for Ava herself, I thought she was a bit judgmental, which turned me off of her character at times.

Lastly, I enjoyed the writing style. I thought it flowed well. However, it was a bit repetitive at times. It seemed like Ava and Rion were constantly reminding us that they were seventeen.

All in all, this was a really cute read.