Ava’s chaotic life

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This is a cute romance book set in present time. I really loved the writing style, easy and really understandable. In my opinion everyone can read it. Also people who don’t have English as their first language. I also really love that the chapters are not too long and not too short. They are perfect.

Both characters have my heart. I feel like they really fit to each other. I like that it is not only about those two as a couple and romantically but also with Ava’s dead grandma being involved as a the ghost. At the beginning I think Ava is still a little bit shy and you can’t really get warm with her but continuing with the story you get to know her and grow to like her. At the beginning I think Ava’s sisters are a little bit annoying bc they are annoying, but reading on I got used to them and like them .
The book is perfect for people who like romance with a little plot twist they will not expect. I loved reading into it!!!!