A very sweet story

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3.5 stars.

This was an incredibly sweet story. It follows Ava, a teenage girl who misses her chance to receive a deathbed blessing from her grandmother; when a stranger accidentally ends up with her blessing, she tracks him down and has to figure out how to get the blessing back.

I enjoyed getting to watch Ava's journey; the plot and the other characters were interesting in their own right, but her growth and self-discovery were the most enjoyable parts of the story to me. I also really liked the closeness of all three sisters and their ability to own up to mistakes, apologize, and move forward.

The writing itself wasn't quite my cup of tea; it occasionally came across as juvenile and trying too hard to be hip. I recognize it's a YA book, but I don't usually notice or mind the writing style quite so much. Still, I did like the book overall, and enjoyed how everything got wrapped up at the end.

Thanks to BookishFirst for providing this advanced copy.