Strong start but lost me halfway in

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I loved the character development in this one, but after a strong start pulled me through the first third, I found my interest waning about 40% in. I think because it turned to more political intrigue and I'd gone in expecting there would be epic dragon fights and a lot more action.

I really loved Annie as the female MC - a lot of what she felt resonated with me, especially the parts about being nervous about becoming a public figure, and she felt entirely real. Lee, the male MC, I wanted to like so badly, but he just didn't feel realistic to me. Considering what he'd been through, his sympathy toward the people who destroyed and literally tortured/killed his family seemed majorly forced. I wanted to see a lot more internal struggle in that regard.

If you're the kind of reader who really likes to dwell in the characters, and don't mind a slower plot because of it, give this a shot!