Excellent book for YA and NA readers alike!

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I cannot express enough how much I adore that the author merely sprinkles pieces of each character's backstory as we go along so that it keeps you guessing. Even from the beginning, the characters are clearly well developed and despite there being several, each of their personalities are totally different and unique. The author keeps the characters realistic by expressing their fears, insecurities and weaknesses but shows them growing from the very beginning of the story line. It allows the reader to form a stronger bond with the characters and really experience the roller coaster right along side them. A romance is definitely happening in the background but I appreciate that it's used to highlight the characters and enhance the story rather than being the focal point.

It's a fantastic book and easily one of my favorite reads of the year (2019), I don't want to give too much of the plot away but if you like dragons, underdogs and personal growth - this is the book for you!