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Epic in scale, Rosaria Munda's Fireborne follows Annie and Lee, two characters who were irrevocably changed during the rebellion. Annie, a low-born dragonrider, is eager to prove herself and gain a top position in the dragonriding fleet. Lee, a former aristocrat whose family was murdered by revolutionaries, hides in plain sight as he vies for the same position as Annie.

I absolutely loved the world building in this one and really enjoyed the audiobook version of this title. The narrators allowed me to fully immerse myself in this story. I was particularly interested in this book because of the dragons, but I stayed for the plot and tension that built as you wonder if Lee's true identity will be discovered.

It was fast paced and fun, with humor and tragedy. I really recommend this for readers who like dense world building and fascinating characters. Readers who enjoy Crown of Feathers (phoenix riders!) may enjoy this one too!