Does this say like a Game of Thrones??!!

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Game of Thrones.....say what!? That show is my absolute favorite, and it’s not just because of the dragons! ( or is it?!) it has so much to do with the world building, and the characters that get WAY too attached to people that they shouldn’t dare to even breathe the same air as.

Oh Annie and poor poor lovestruck souls. Haven’t young ladies and gentlemen learned by now that emotion will get you nowhere unless it has to do with getting you ahead at life? This synopsis reminds me a bit like “Carve The Mark” or “ Red Queen” which I loved both Books tremendously.

This sounds like it is going to be a pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat fhigh-fantasy thriller with some heated young adult romance involved! I’m so here for it. I need a battle of the best “family” kind of book in my life ASAP! I missing my GOT so bad!

Love complicates everything and anything—- how could this story end any other way then a tragedy?

Plus, did I mention the dragons!!!?????? score!!