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I was unsure if i wanted to read this at first because I am not the type to read memoirs. But honestly this book was interesting from the start to the end. Erin French story is something everyone should read. Who doesn't want to read about the story of someone. She talked about her problems and her struggles it honestly was well written and made you think about everything going on.
Her story include her.
She talked about her life.
That's something not many people can do. She had the courage to share her story with the world and it was worth it. Hearing about her life made me rethink about of things many go through.
This was well written and I was able to picture everything that was going on. Her book was a book that made me want to read in one sitting. Her book isn't long but her struggles and her life made it seem as if it was longer. I connected with this book a lot because she made it possible. I really think this book should be one your list to read before you die.