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I find reviewing memoirs very difficult so I try not to do it very often. It is hard for me to feel like I am reviewing a book rather than judging someone's life decisions. So instead, I try to decide whether or not the book has let me experience the world through someone else's eyes and if so, did I learn anything from that experience.

I had never heard of Erin French or The Lost Kitchen before reading the first impression on BookishFirst, so I was pleased to win my copy, get to know a new person, and add to my travel/foodie wishlist. If I ever get to go, I hope I get to give Erin French a big hug for all that she has gone through. Oh my!

So did I get to experience the world and learn something new from this book? Yes I did. And if you read it, you might too!

Thank you to BookishFirst, the author and the publisher for my copy of Finding Freedom. Please know that receiving a copy of this book has not affected my review. All opinions expressed here are my own,