Loved it!

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This book was so good! I don’t read a lot of memoirs but I just might start reading more because of memoirs like this one. I knew nothing of Erin French going into this book and now I feel like she is a close friend. Her writing is very powerful and her story is one that will resonate with any woman. She has been dealt with so much from such a young age and reading about her struggles and seeing how she made it through made me so happy for her. I felt like I was cheering on a dear friend. She is an inspiration whether she knows it or not for anyone struggling in their life. The beginning of the book was very memorable when she talked about sharing a meal that her father made her and how she knew that was his way of showing his love for her. I couldn’t fathom my own father not saying those three words to me. Her love for her son and the bond she shared with her mother was very enjoyable to read and I’m so happy she found the love and support that every woman deserves.