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3.5 stars rounded up

From childhood, to days working at a diner, then after many downfalls to one of the most exclusive restaurants. Their "reservation" process is unique (to say the least) and when your meal requires winning a lottery, that's a whole new level of exclusive. Anyway I am a huge fan of memoirs, especially when they are career-centered, and even more so when they involve food! So my expectations were high, especially after I saw the cover. I will say I enjoyed the book and the writing, but I just didn't love it. Maybe the fact that I had no idea who Erin was or anything about the restaurant played a part but I didn't feel connected to the book or its story. It was a good read and many will love it. After reading the story, I realized I am not the target audience but regardless, it was worth the read

[Thank you BookishFirst, the publisher, and author for the free copy]