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Finding freedom

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First off this cover it’s beautiful! The back is also a beautiful look. It’s got vibrant colors that make it pop! In this book Erin opens up about the challenges and stumbles and victory that led her to the place she was meant for! She went through darkness and anxiety! She survived as a jobless single mother, of pills that promised release! A man that promised salvation but ended up being horrible! She found food! As a source of comfort and culinary life! This book was so sad at times and then you see her completely do a 360 because food brought her back to life and i absolutely loved this book! This was one that I am grateful I won a copy of because it shows she never gave up and she fought to fix the wrongs in her life! This book is about finding yourself and how it happened! This was my absolute favorites of 2021 it brings out the good in her and I love this book!