A Memoir of Cooking and Remaking Life

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This was a beautiful memoir that was deeply moving and a true pleasure to read. The Lost Kitchen has a moving backstory that tells of Erin French's journey of building a dinning destination with worldwide acclaim. Erin grew up on farm in a small rural Freedom, Maine exploring and working at her father's diner. From an early age she started waitressing and cooking, by her late teen years Erin became well versed in the ways of the diner with little praise from her father. Between challenges of becoming a single parent and ending up in a damaging and abusive marriage, Erin became depressed. Her dreams of having her own restaurant were succeeding, but everything in her marriage was not. Depression fed into a drinking problem that paired with self medicating took its toll. Her husband took her restaurant and son. Erin became stuck in the quagmire of the rehab and legal system as she wasn't able to pay for the help she needed and struggled to file for divorce.

Erin chronicles her darkest days in rehab and shares the struggles of depression and addiction. Her son remained her light at the end of the tunnel that along with a village of fierce and loving women who helped build herself up again.

Erin's story is honest, authentic, and hopeful. Finding Freedom is filled with exquisite, loving, and detailed descriptions of food that will make any true foodie's mouth water. Erin shares how food is her own love language and way to build memories and connections. This memoir moved me to tears, laughter, and a deep hunger for wonderful food. I loved this memoir and highly recommend reading it.