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I love a good fairy tale setting or retelling or just basically anything that involves fairy tales or happily ever afters. I had such high hopes and this fell a bit flat for me. So this was a 3 star read. Oh and don't let the title fool you this is definitely R rated.

Ever After, Missouri is where our story takes place. We find our 3 fairy godmothers (wedding planner wannabes) convincing their godchildren Ransom and Lucky to have a pretend fake wedding to drum up some business. These two have quite a history as they dated back in college. Apparently Lucky, is not very lucky at all. The crazy kids agree and hilarity ensues.

Now for my love hate points. I love the idea of a town where fairy tale characters live and work. Granny running a bakery, Rosebud running a dress shop, Prince Charming running a B&B in the castle, -love it all. But oh so many characters. Sometimes I had trouble keeping up with them all. I see that this will probably be a series with each one finding a HEA but wow, so many introductions.

I really did enjoy the romance between the Ransom and Lucky but it felt a little high school, almost juvenile, aside from the obvious sex joke that runs throughout. Lucky likes him so much but doesn't want to see him. She loves him, but can't let herself kiss him. Ransom knows they should be together but keeps running away. UGH high school angst anyone?

My last love hate point was the slow burn of this book, oh it was slow. It was so slow I kept getting confused and I felt as if we never really knew the characters. Take for example Lucky's mom. Fortune comes rolling in with secrets galore, in the last quarter of the book. Where was she in the beginning when things were in a lull around 20%.

It was funny and Lucky's luck or lack there of was one of my favorite portions of the book. Oh and I love Gwen. I would probably revisit this series to get more of Ms. Sassy herself. I loved Gwen and her monsters. Overall this was a 3 star read for me. I was hopeful and wanted more from Ever After.

Thank you to the publishers, and the author for an advanced copy to read and review.