Today was a Fairy Tale!

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I picked up this book purely because I liked the cover and this book did not disappoint! The story of Ever After, MO and three fairy godmothers who want to bring magic back to their little town full of fairytale characters was beyond cute! This town reminded me so much of the show Once Upon a Time and Storybrook, Maine.

This story is a second chance romance between Ransom, who has become a billionaire chocolatier with the help of some pixie dust, and his university fling Lucky, who is anything but lucky. Their journey back to each other and self discovery was so sweet and made me root for them throughout their ups and downs. While Ransom knows about magic it has been hidden from Lucky her entire life and upon learning what Ever After, MO really is her whole world turns upside-down.

The character development for both Ransom and Lucky were well handled and the expansion of the fairy tale world into the real world was handled well.

With the help of their three meddling fair godmothers will Ransom and Lucky really find the happily ever after they are looking....I think yes!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the fairy godmother get up in the next book!