The definition of romantic comedy

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First of all, I want to thank The Kensington Publishing Corp. for sending me an ARC paperback copy and jar of Petunia's purple magical fairy dust.
My overall review is 3/5, just because I really enjoyed the characters, and the whole wholesomeness the story had. Yet, I did have some problems with the way the story was set, here are my scores for each aspect:

Characters (3/5): I really like how the characters came from well-known stories, and the main characters didn't, making me wonder throughout the chapters, how their story will go (even though the ending was pretty obvious). However, I did cringe a lot with the way the fairy godmothers spoke sometimes and also think there wasn't enough development with the character James.

Setting (3.7/5): I liked the setting, however, there weren't that many descriptions, and I would have liked more detail with the town, castle, and overall towns/ city they were placed in.

Writing (2.6/5): I liked the humor, the cliches. Yet, I was and still am, as I write this review, very disturbed about there not being a description of the main characters. It might be that I missed it, but there was BARELY any description about Lucky, there was some thrown in the way about Ransom, but there wasn't for Lucky. The style of writing the story, I didn't like it nor hated it.

Cover/ design (5/5): I absolutely loved it. the design is so on topic, so cute, and incredibly attractive. I just wished there had been more description of the characters that are being shown since the moment you get the book.

Overall: The plot was very good, the characters very charming, the story very cute. The best way I could describe this book, in a nutshell, would be romantic comedy r rated or Disney but for adults. The story also reminded me a lot of the TV show Once Upon A Time. Because of how they mix the world we all wished to live in as kids, with fairytales, and still have that spice of adult themes.