So Cute! Can't Wait for More!

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This book was so cute! I really enjoyed reading this book and what makes it better is that this novel is going to be part of a series.I liked escaping to a magical land set in the real world. This book reminded me a lot of the television show Once Upon a Time. Some of the characters were so similar that I was picturing the television characters and not the person that was described. And that happened with other things too. I connected this book to others that I have read and other television shows that I have watched and loved. I can not wait for more books to come out in this series. The characters were well thought out and the land was so magical. Even though I gave this book three stars I still had fun. This was not the best book that I have read but it was a very fun read. I may change my mind if I read more from this author in the future. Looking forward to more!!