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This has such a cute premise and at the beginning, it seemed like it was going to be an incredible book. But the further I got into the book, the more it seemed to fall apart. The dialogue was weird, I swear people don’t talk like that in real life. A character would think something and then the character they were talking to would start what they had been thinking. It came off as juvenile. It continued to throw me off as I was reading. The fairytale world was easy to accept and get on board with, however, her mother being a mythical creature felt like a stretch too far, almost unbelievable. And to be honest, I gave up on the book with only 50 pages left. I could not bring myself to finish it, which was so disappointing since when I started reading it, I was hopeful to add this to my list of books to watch for sequels for. Read it if you like a simple, magical read.