Magically Amazing

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Fantastic! This grown-up fairytale will at turns have you laughing out loud and sighing with despair. The characters are adorable and truly funny. You’ll laugh and cry at Lucky and Ransom. It really is a modern fairytale at its best. I was a little apprehensive at first because most of the fairytale retellings aren't the best but this blew me away. Its funny, quirky, witty while also being poignant, touching, heart warming and romantic. Thankfully nothing is overdone or underwhelming. The romance is written where you actually believe it could happen and thats more than most books these days can say haha the characters are so well done you instantly feel a connection with them and sincerely care about them. I can’t say much without spoilers so I’ll just say you want this book vacation. This tale will suck you in and leave you wanting a return trip to Ever After. I’ve already preordered the next book.