Love the concept but not the execution

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I really loved the concept of this book and wanted to love the story, but sadly the execution didn’t quite work for me.

This advertised three of my absolute favorite romance tropes: fake relationship, second chance romance, and enemies to lovers. Unfortunately there really wasn’t much romance between Ransom and Lucky. They got over the whole “enemies” thing very quickly and almost immediately started making out. There was absolutely no development to their relationship and not much chemistry either. (I also found the whole “boy who missed” thing, the reason they were “enemies,” to be really silly and unrealistic – as if that’s the kind of thing that fully grown adults (and reporters!) would care so much about??)

I loved the idea of the town of Ever After, but again, it just wasn’t executed well. There were so many different elements introduced at once and it was hard to keep track of everything. The writing also felt like it was trying too hard to be clever and funny and I actually found myself often confused by what was going on – conversations didn’t seem to follow a logical path.

This had a ton of potential and I think with another round of editing it could be a cute little story, but it just didn’t work for me right now.