Cute fairytale

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This was written in the form of a fairytale. The characters were similar to traditional fairytales. The residents of Ever After were all charming and magically. It was enjoyable to read some of the antics the fairy godmothers got into trying to get Lucky and Random together. Unfortunately Lucky herself is not so lucky. Everyone she touches seems to experience bad things happening to them. This makes things very complicated for her and Ransom. She loves him but doesn’t want him to suffer because of her luck. She must find some way to embrace her “luck” and be happy. This whole bad luck thing was a little far fetched. I mean how can one person cause people this many problems? But, it is a fairytale book, right? I love some of the characters in the town like Gammy, Rosebud, the godmothers. All are unique and charming. I enjoyed the book and would probably read more in the series.