Cute book!

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I thought the concept for this book was so cute. It’s a modern day fairy tale where the fairy godmothers run a matchmaking and wedding business. Unfortunately the story fell a little flat for me. I felt like it was too slow paced for my liking and maybe a bit on the younger side for me. The book is filled with Easter eggs though, and that made it really fun to read!

I did enjoy the characters in the book and there were some really funny moments. You do need to pay attention to the characters though, it can get confusing at times with who is who. The characters are very likable though, which made it even better for me to read and enjoy it! I felt like this book just wasn’t for me, but I know others enjoyed it, so don’t be turned off by my review. I would be sure to check their reviews out for it as well. I think if you’re a fan of modern day fairytales, I would recommend checking it out!