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Practical Handbook for Being Love

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Bob Goff is a smart guy. He is a lawyer and literally a consul to Uganda. When he writes, however, he doesn't come off as pretentious or "holier than thou." He writes like a guy who is still learning. He doesn't have everything figured out. He gets a laptop stolen that contains the manuscript to his next book and was never backed up making him have to write it over, and talks about it.

His approach in his latest book, "Everybody Always" is the same. He reads the Bible and then he looks at his life to find ways to do what it says. He doesn't try to make excuses or find loopholes to make things easier and more comfortable. He is real about his limitations and his flaws. But he always tries to look at the Bible as a way to love on others. Not just friends and family that already like you, but strangers, your enemies, and the people that are different than you, those people too, you need to "be love" to.

I really enjoyed this book and I think you will too. Go check it out!