Everybody, Always Review

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This book just really wasn't my cup of tea, I always try to be open minded for books espescially religious ones but it was just sooooo hard for me to finish this book. I did and i would still recommend it to anyone who's very religious, would not recommend as much for anyone else though.

I did end up really liking this book but am giving it a three star because it's not something "new", it was pretty clear from the start what was going on and what would happen, there's really only like two ways books like this end lol. That being said it wasn't bad, if i could give half stars it would be 3.5 but this book just felt pretty long at times and drawn out.

The characters were good though, well written and likeable/dislikeable. The story is good too, i would recommend especially to people who don't read hundreds of thrillers a year because they would likely get more enjoyment out of it.