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Honestly, I enjoyed reading this book so so much! I love thrillers, and I loved this one by Alex Finlay. I understand why it's won some awards.

When I first saw this book at the store, I passed right by it. Something about the cover didn't really dray me in. Then a friend recommended it and I thought, "meh" and didn't read it. THEN it was recommended to me by a librarian I am friends with and I thought, "Ok, I'll bite" and I tried it out. Well, I'm glad I finally did, because it really drew me in and kept me up late to finish it!

I liked that the story is told from multiple viewpoints, and I typically have a hard time keeping that straight in books. The writing style made it easy to keep up with, and the story was interesting so I did not mind! Alex Finlay has a way of twisting the story together that it really fun to read--especially at the end!

If you like twisty thrillers, you should check this one out for sure!