What the heck did I just read!?

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What the heck did I just read? The mysterious Alex Finlay and his debut family thriller-mystery is going to be the best read of next year, easily the best thriller I have read this year and one I will be coming back to soon. I will not attempt to summarize the plot because honestly, the publisher's description is spot on, you get exactly what is promised and more. I had an inkling of the outcome (less the details and actual WTF moment but an inkling none the less) from an early hunch but I was still caught off guard and surprised as the story evolved. With multiple points-of-view and timelines, the mystery unfolds wildly from the very first page to the twists and turns, then finally to the engulfing reveal that will leave you feeling a multitude of emotions along with Matt. Great writing from the author who calls himself Alex Finlay, an author to watch out for because this was a hit in my opinion and has found it's place on my bookshelf to be replaced with the final print once it becomes available at my local bookshop
[Thank you BookishFirst, Alex Finlay, and the publisher for the free ARC]