Suspenseful and Captivating

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Suspenseful and captivating, Every Last Fear is a psychological thriller that will keep you up reading until the last twisty page.

The Pine family was part of the public eye in the past. Danny is in prison for the murder of his high school girlfriend. The documentary done on his family and their drive to prove him innocent has made enemies in the small town they once lived. The Pine family has since moved, but the pursuit of Danny’s innocence has not faltered.

Matt Pine finds himself back in the public eye, when the remaining members of his family suspiciously die while on vacation in Mexico. Matt must return home to bury them and face what he thinks he knows about the past.

Finlay expertly weaves a suspenseful story doled out with little crumbs at a time. Told from multiple points of view, the author skillfully gives us relatable characters and their part in the story. The plot is twisty and fast paced, everything you want in a thriller, including an ending you won’t see coming.

I can’t wait to see what Finlay writes next.