Pretty Good

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We follow different time lines Before and After the Pine family’s deaths. Matt Pine a college student in New York is told by an FBI agent that his entire family has died in Mexico. This is, except his brother Danny, who has been in prison for years for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. The father Evan won’t give up on his son and getting him pardoned because he and their family KNOW he didn’t do this. But Matt has kept a secret all these years, that he saw his brother in his letterman jacket that night pushing the wheelbarrow to the creek where her body had been found, head bashed in. But is he really the guilty one? Was someone else wearing his jacket that night? And if not who was it? Is there more then one perpetrator? There are SO many revelations and twists and turns in this one and I couldn’t get enough! I would definitely read this again and recommend it. It was hard to put down!