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Plot Twists!

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I am a huge fan of thrillers that keep me glued to the pages with a plot that twist this way and that. While this book fit in that category, I figured out who was behind all the killings before the person's name was revealed. I did, however, feel at one point my conclusion was about to be abruptly proven wrong, only to have another plot twist revealed and yes, I was right after all.

Most of the characters aren’t portrayed with any kind of depth; I got a general feel for them, but nothing substantial. I think a bit more characterization would have been nice. And the ending wasn’t neatly wrapped up: there was an unanswered question about one of the characters survival; I would have liked some mention of his condition, but overall, it was a good book and I would recommend it.

There is a cursing throughout—which I really don’t care for. Overall, four stars.