Middle of the Road

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I’ve read my fair share of thriller novels and this one fell middle of the road for me. The idea of the book was intriguing - was a family murdered to end a family or because of the eldest son who was serving time for a murder? There was a lot of drawn out investigative workings interspersed with glimpses into the life of the remaining brother and the documentary that fuels the fire surrounding the controversial murder. The book is divided into the voices of the family members before the murder and after the murder. The premise of “maybe she isn’t dead” was an intriguing bit that could have really been something BIG but instead was left to flounder and then quickly die. The greatest letdown for me was the last few pages rush to the finish. I wanted to read more of the past dialogue of the people who were involved in the murder. The ending was so short in comparison to the length of the middle portion of the book.