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Getting the news that your entire family has been found dead in a hotel in Mexico is up there as a "worst experience ever".  But what if your older brother, and the only remaining family member you have, is a convicted killer?  And what if it's possible that he was wrongly convicted?  Matt in no way has an enviable life.  But here is where we start our story.

I really enjoyed this book.  The different characters and perspectives, the jumps back and forth in time.  I loved reading the backstory of the Pine family and how they ended up in Mexico in the first place. This book REALLY keeps you guessing right up until the end.  I read A LOT of books like this and can honestly say that it's the rare one where I'm 80% of the way in and have NO IDEA where it's going.  Over all, I thought it was a fantastic book, a spectacular debut, and I cannot wait to see what else Alex Finlay has up his (her?) sleeve.

I received an ARC from Bookishfirst.