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This wasn’t quite for me but I do think this is a good book, it would just be a better bit for someone who likes this type of genre. I wanted to try something new so I gave this a try, and I can see why people would like it but it is just not for me. I don’t really do suspense and all that thrilling type of things but this book did it wonderfully. I still am not a fan of all that, and perhaps that is why I am not a fan of this book as well. All that said this is a really well written mystery, there’s like a mystery within a mystery. The author wrote it very well reading it I could picture it as a tv show or a movie. I think it would’ve been more enjoyable as that than a book but it was still decent. My favorite part about this book was the many twists and turns it had, this was a really great way to keep the reader interested. It’s not really realistic but it was interesting for sure! Overall a decent book for me but it would be a amazing book for someone who enjoys this genre!!