Great debut thriller

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This was a fantastic debut thriller from Alex Finlay. It pulls you in from the start and you will not want to put it down! It is fast paced and well written with lots of great twists. It is the story of Matt Pine, who family is found dead in their vacation rental home in Mexico. At first, it seems like a horrible accident but as FBI agent Sarah Keller becomes more involved in the case it gets more complicated. Matt's brother, Danny, is in prison for murdering his girlfriend when he was a teenager. He has always proclaimed his innocence and Matt's father has fought for years to prove it. Things are definitely not what they appear to be as Agent Keller gets deeper into the case. The book alternates between the voice of Agent Keller, Matt Pine and Matt's mother, father and sister before they were murdered. I highly recommend this fast paced thriller. Thanks to BookishFirst for the ARC.