Fast Paced Triller

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Every Last Fear is the sort of thriller that keeps you riveted from the first line of the book. Even before we are introduced to the main characters of the book, we are shown one of the mysteries of the story that play an important role of the characters in this story. Throughout the book, the reader is shown how the mystery of a whole family suspiciously dying in Mexico during a Spring Break trip is connected to a murder that happened 7 years earlier in a small Nebraska Town. This story is told from multiple narrators who all have an important role in answering what happened to a family plagued with bad luck and a crime background.

I enjoyed this fast paced thriller for many reasons, but what made this book extremely captivating to me was how flawlessly the crime unfolded in a short span of time through this book. This book did a good job of making sure the important questions were answered. Another aspect that created a great story was the ability to let the reader create their own theories about what happened after the last page and to me, that makes for a thrilling story worth the read!