Fast Paced Thriller

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I enjoyed the fast paced nature of the story. The short chapters kept you reading and the different points of view were interesting and helpful to understand the scope of the story. Not only did it share multiple povs, it also flashed from present to past, giving you snippits of context that pieced together to complete the puzzle at the end.
All of the characters were well flushed out and interesting, and you never had to wonder who was who when reading, even though the pov switched a lot.
One thing that was unfortunate was that I knew whodunnit really early on. It seemed pretty trope-y in that regard for a thriller like this. Also, some pieces of the ending felt thrown in and revealed too fast with no build up that left me reading sections again wondering if I was missing something.
Overall this is a really fun, fast-paced thriller that keeps you reading until the last page.