Fantastic First Line

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"They found their bodies on a Tuesday."

I read that line and I was hooked. This is such a fantastic read! What has happened to the Pine family? Big brother Danny is locked up for murder. Was he framed? Wrongfully accused? Matt is trying to keep his distance as an NYU student -- then he finds out the rest of his family is dead. In Mexico. Why were they there? Sarah Keller of the FBI gets to deliver the bad news to Matt. From the present we get her perspective, Matt's, and occasionally Danny's. From 'Before' we get to view the events leading up to and including the Mexico trip through the eyes of Evan (Dad), Olivia (Mom), and Maggie (sister). The family dynamics made me feel like weeping at times. This is no cold-blooded thriller. You will feel for these characters. As a lovely bonus, Manhattanhenge is featured. Read the book to find out how it fits in. Highly recommended! I don't know exactly who you are Alex Finlay, but I am definitely a fan.