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Everything You Want in a Mystery Novel

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Recovering from a massive hangover, Matt Pine gets an alarming request from the FBI. They want to meet him for an interrogation. Little does Matt know that the interrogation will lead to the devastating news that his family who were vacationing in Mexico are gone. Literally. The local authorities there claim it was an accidental gas leak. But evidence suggests otherwise.

On a hunch that the deaths in the Pine family might be related to a money-laundering operation, FBI agent Sarah Keller immerses herself in the investigation with the suggestion that the Pine family were the hard targets of a cartel.

Already reeling from an earlier inflammatory documentary about his brother, Matt must overcome public scrutiny, ridicule and grief to uncover clues that led up to the deaths in his family.

Told in multiple points of view, the reader gets a first hand perspective of all the clues and motives. The author, Alex Finlay has masterfully crafted a suspenseful mystery by the use of the multiple points of view technique.

With an engaging plot, Every Last Fear is everything you would want it to be in a mystery crime thriller. Five amazing stars.

I received a physical copy of the book from Minotaur Books through the Bookish First raffle. The review herein is completely my own and contains my honest thoughts and opinions.