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A must-read for any podcast and true crime fan!

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“They found the bodies on a Tuesday.”
College student Matt Pine returns to his dorm room and has the FBI knocking on his door delivering horrible news about his family. The Pine family is found dead in Mexico, the police claim that it was an accident, but there are clues that point that it was a staged crime scene.

Matt’s older brother Danny is in prison serving a life sentence for the murder of his former girlfriend. Matt Pine is left to deal with media, FBI, and trying to prove his brother’s innocence.I loved the alternating viewpoints in this story and true crime documentary scripts weaved into the story. If you’re a true crime/documentary fan you will want to add this book to your list! This would make for great book club selection. I will be encouraging any true crime fan to read this novel! Thank you Bookish First for the advance copy! Look for This book out in March 2021.