A five star read

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Now this is a thriller!! This book had everything and I was glued to the pages and my couch all weekend!
Matt Pine a student at NYU,who after a night of partying arrives back at his dorm to FBI agents, they inform him that his dad, mom, sister and younger brother were found dead while vacationing in Mexico. It appears they died of a gas leak at their rental. You see the Pine family were made famous after a true crime documentary was released by Netflix. Danny Pine whose Matt’s older brother was sent to prison for life for murdering his girlfriend Charlotte, which he may or may not have committed. Matt’s dad believes Danny is innocent and he keeps looking for the clue that will get Danny out of prison. Soon Matt and the FBI agent whose on his families case, begin to see a series of events that proves that his families deaths may not have been an accident, and it may all be linked to Danny and the murder of his girlfriend that fateful night. Oh my gosh I loved this book, this book was told in multiple point of views, Matt and the FBI agent in current time , and the Pine family in the days that led to their death. This thriller was so perfectly written I was blown away, the twists and turns and the shocking ending, I will now be adding this author as an auto buy. I’m giving this book five stars!