The Devastation of a Family Destroyed

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“They found the bodies on a Tuesday.”

So begins the story of the Pine family, first torn apart by the conviction of their oldest son, Danny, in the bludgeoning death of his girlfriend, Charlotte Rose. With a Netflix documentary, “A Violent Nature,” laying their feelings bare before a judgmental public, the family had little peace, no answers, and no clear path forward.

When Marconi LLP let Evan go, they’d depleted their savings. After twenty-five years at the accounting firm, he’d felt the pop-culture phenomenon had portrayed him as a lunatic [although, truth be told, he admitted that he often felt like a lunatic] . . . . They’d counted on the Supreme Court . . . their last resort . . . but they’d declined to hear the case.

Doctor Silverstein, Evan's therapist suggested that some time away might be helpful for the family, so Olivia and Evan took their daughter Maggie and son Thomas to Mexico for a holiday. And they all died there.

A federal agent, Sarah Keller, comes to New York University where Matt Pine is studying filmmaking to tell him what has happened in Mexico. The official report is that everyone in the family died in a freak accident, a gas leak. But Matt is stunned and right now the reason doesn’t matter.

He’s taken upstate to Fishkill Correctional to deliver the devastating news to the brother he hasn’t seen since he was fourteen, the brother locked away in this maximum-security prison. Then, as if things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Agent Keller advises Matt that he needs to go to Mexico to sign some paperwork so that the bodies of his parents, his sister, and his brother can be released.

But nothing is quite as it seems. Why did Charlotte send Evan a FaceTime call the night she died, begging for help?

And why is Sarah Keller, an agent in the Financial Crimes Section, involved in this case in the first place?

What will happen when Matt goes to Mexico to bring the bodies of his family home?

The strong undercurrent of tension throughout the story pulls the reader into the telling of the tale from the beginning. Intriguing and mysterious, there are more questions than answers. Why did the Pine family decide to vacation in Mexico and did their presence there have anything to do with their oldest son’s case? Could these deaths be the result of something other than a tragic accident? And what will happen when Matt arrives?

The complex mystery is intriguing and, with hints that there is much more to the Mexico part of the story than has been revealed to the reader up to this point, it’s clear that solving this mystery will draw the reader into this convoluted investigation.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this captivating story and discovering the answers!