Really enjoyed!

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I am picky about novels in verse, but this one definitely hit the mark for me. I loved that the author did this spin on Shakespeare, and frankly, it seemed like the perfect subject material for a novel in verse, so it worked doubly well. While I am not super up to date on Shakespeare (meaning, I mostly skimmed through it when I was forced to read it in high school), I did know a general amount about most of the plays that I didn't have any problem keeping up.

I found the writing to be fabulous, and I really enjoyed the characters. Something about female characters taking back their agency will always appeal to me, frankly. The pacing was a bit slower at times, especially in the beginning, but since it is a novel in verse it moves pretty quickly just because of the genre, so I didn't really mind that too much.

Overall, this was a really great historical fiction, and one I am glad to have read!