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Enter the Body is an incredibly well-written novel in verse that puts 4 of Shakespeare's most well-known female protagonists in conversation with one another. The novel is set under the trap door of a stage where the characters fall down after they die in each production of the play.

This book does not pull any punches. The characters critique the norms of their time, the sexism and flaws in "the bard's" writing, and as they decide to re-write their own stories, they even critique their own changes. The dialogue is fantastic. It's a SUPER quick read that could easily be devoured in one sitting. It is SO well-structured and nuanced. It is just a really smart and well-crafted work.

We hear from Juliet, Cordelia, Ophelia, and Lavinia (as much as she can contribute without the use of her tongue or hands). The girls challenge each other and encourage one another, and they each take the time to dissect the problems with their stories and the problematic male characters (especially the fathers) within them. Despite the dark subject matter, it was an absolutely delightful read. I gave it 5 stars, which is rare for me. I'm not a Shakespeare fanatic, but I do enjoy the plays. This novel is a wonderful conversation piece about how those plays stack up in the modern day. I wish I could have read THIS in school instead of some of the works themselves. I think this one will appeal to fans of classic literature, Shakespeare, novels in verse, and people looking for some YA lit that has an elevated discourse.