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This author just keeps knocking them out if the park. Getting teens to read poetry of any kind is difficult but at the high school where I used to work her books jus my flea off the shelf. This have such powers d relatability that you can’t help but go back for more. My favorite part is that they are read but my second favorite part is that they encourage more reading. All of her books have been about something and students often wanted to know more about where these stories started. It brings curiosity to a story and I love that. This one is fabulous just as the rest are but it felt a bit more raw. There is such feeling here and I was here for it. I can’t wait to purchase this book for the library (new one when I eventually get a new job) and share her work with a whole new set of teens. I also love the cover. It is eye catching and yet mysterious. I want more of her work to be published!