Interesting new take on Shakespeare

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This started off slow if you already know Shakespeare's plays, as the main girls retell their stories, from their points of view, to let you know what happened to them (Juliet from R&J, Ophelia from Hamlet, and Cordelia from King Lear). It was still interesting to see from their perspectives, since they gave more information about themselves and their lives and backgrounds than Shakespeare gave these characters, but this book didn't really begin to shine for me until the girls broke storytelling mode and started communicating with each other. At first, it was jarring for them to move from iambic pentameter to modern day speech, but once it got going, I absolutely loved it. These girls were fierce and angry and fighting for their own story, not the tragic ending the Bard decided for them. Once the girls switched gears and started telling their stories their way, this was a huge game changer in the book, and I just could not put it down. I ended up staying up all night to finish it!