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Joy McCullough is one of those authors that you have to read at least once in your life. If you don't know where to start, Enter the Body is a good place to start because it's not just well written, but it does a good job of retelling.

Enter the Body let's some of Shakespeare's heroins tell their story through their point of views. It revolves around Juliet, Ophelia, and Cordelia. And even if you're not well acquainted with the plays, Enter the Body is easy to follow along.

Enter the Body is written in verse, which is something I've found myself reading a lot of recently. More books should be written this way. While it might not be everyone's cup of tea, this isn't just poetry and metaphors. It does a good job of telling their story and also gives them a space where they can all interact.

While the first half is a retelling of their original stories through their point of views, the second half of the book is also interesting because it gives these characters a chance to rewrite their endings. It's freeing to be able to change the narrative.

Overall, Enter the Body was a well written retelling that I really enjoyed. It held the original concepts of the plays while also giving Juliet, Ophelia, and Cordelia voice. That was perhaps what I enjoyed the most, that they were able to be vocal about their tragedies and rewrite them.